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February 24, 2014

Reflecting on the project (Gabi)

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I started out this project having little knowledge on the subject. I thought that mental hospitals in the 1800’s were just like normal hospitals, I was very wrong. As I learned more about the topic I gained more of an understanding of how things really were in the mental hospitals; horrible conditions, and unfair treatments. I learned so much about mental health care! Also this project connects to other projects because Dr.Rush who played a big part in mental health care also played a big in other movements of the time. The biggest AHHA moment I had was when I realized that these people really had no one to take care of them and that they’re families just kinda abandoned them at these mental hospitals because they weren’t fit for society or something and that made me really sad 🙁 I would continue to research Nellie Bly because I started a post on her but couldn’t finish it.

The difference between curating and collecting research is that when you curate you write the paragraph or story in a really interesting or appealing way that’s easily understood by readers. Collecting research is when you just find facts and turn them into an essay or a story in a way that tells facts but may not be interesting. My successes were probably finding research and writing it in an interesting way, my failures were probably I could have communicated with my partner better. If I did this project over again I would probably have worked on it more on weekends. This project will definitely help me in the future because it I learned to ask a lot of questions and write posts in a fun to read way.

I learned that there are a lot of interesting useful websites on the internet that had a lot of vital information for the project. I think blogs are super cool, you can write new posts each day with stuff you learned, its kinda like an educational facebook because instead of posting about your life you post about what you learned. I learned that I think a  million questions a minute, I was so interested in the project! I always think that most projects we do in school are boring and I found out that I loved this project and didn’t think it was boring at all! Also, learning and researching the mental hospitals was really intriguing and that not all learning at school is boring 🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed the blog! I know I enjoyed writing it!

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  1.   Inloes, Terri  Says:

    I did enjoy your blog, mostly because you really discovered information and sites that were unusual and made me think. That is the best part of teaching, you know, kids that make me go out and do more research. I was lost in your suitcase site for hours. In fact, I didn’t get any of my other work done! Thank you, I am better for it.

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