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February 24, 2014

Reflecting on the project (Chloe)

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When I started this project I had very little knowledge about this topic. I thought that mental hospitals were about the same as the hospitals we have today, but as I started to learn more about this topic I realized I was very wrong. As I started to learn more about this particular topic I gained more of an understanding of  how things really were, like bad living conditions, horrible unnecessary treatments, and most of all unreasonable admissions to the hospital. As I went along with the research I learned a lot of useful information for this topic like who started the health reform, how people were treated in the hospitals, and why they were out into the hospitals. I made a few connections to other topics one of the topics I found a connection to was  jail reform, because in jails they were beating the mentally ill, chaining them to the walls and treating them very badly, and the jail reform was to help and make the conditions better for the mentally ill in the jails. The reason I made this connection was because in the mental health reform they tried and did make conditions better for the mentally ill, they did the same thing in the jails at this time so they people could be safer. My biggest AHHA moment was when I found out that Benjamin Rush was  apart of this reform and many others so he was like a hero that  no one gave credit to, but that was my biggest AHHA moment. If I could continue with my research I would have gone and found the books that were wrote about this topic and stories of people who lived in these horrible places and talked about them.

I learned  that curating  is harder then just collecting information, because when you are a curator you have to put the information that you find into a fun and interesting way for the people to get into it, and when you are just collecting information it’s just a bunch of facts that are most likely bullet pointed and boring but curators put the info in fun ways that we can understand. I had a bunch of failures but also some successes, most of my failures are me not doing what I need to do at home and as a student, but my few successes are that I did get most of my research done and finished but I still did not help my partner as much as I wanted to. If I could do this project over again I would do more of my work at home even when I am sick, so my partner would not have to do all of it on her own. This project could help me if my high school history teacher had me do a project or paper on this topic, then I could look at my blog and have prier knowledge about this topic.

I learned that technology can be very helpful when it comes to research or any paper. The web or internet can be a very helpful tool when you do research or anything of that sort, just make sure you have key words to narrow down your search. I could use blogs in the future for any type of research or paper but I will always make sure there is a citation at the bottom. I have learned that I need help coming up with topics sometimes and that I am not a go getter when it comes to research. This project helped me see that I need to be more codependent with my research. 🙂

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  1.   Inloes, Terri  Says:

    You learned a lot! How about being more independent with your research?

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