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February 21, 2014

What did men do in the asylum?

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As I was going through my research, all the articles I have seen were about women and children, so I got thinking like were men put into the asylum or just worked there?

Men were put in to the asylum for many reasons some being dipsomaniac (drinking problem), Imbecility (is a form of retardation) , Hallucination (seeing stuff that’s not there), Idiocy (extremely stupid behavior) and many more. If a man was put in to the asylum, then most likely he was mentally ill or challenged. They also put boys in the asylum, but they separated the children from the adults. One story I found about a men being put in the asylum was of a man 43 years in age white and came from Ireland, he was a dipsomaniac, he had trouble with managing how much alcohol he had so he was rendered as un-manageable, so he was arrested with the clam of insanity.(1)

(chloes point of view) I think that they were right when they put men in to the asylum, because they actually have mental disabilities.






(1)”New Orleans (La.) City Insane Asylum.” http://nutrias.org/inv/cityinsaneasylum1_50.htm. New Orleans Public Library, n.d. Web. 20 Feb 2014.

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    Did you copy and paste the above quote? You need an imbedded citation if you did!

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