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February 21, 2014

Stories From the Mental Hospital

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Here are a collection of wild stories I found about instances in a mental hospital. These stories could be made nowhere else but in the mental hospital. Some are horrifying and some are just down right funny. Enjoy….

In Pilgram Psychiatric Center in Long Island the doctors used to shock the patients with insulin and metrozol and put them in a coma just to get rid of them. In another hospital a patient who was prescribed LSD jumped out of a window and killed himself because he was under the influence of the drug. The doctor who had prescribed him that also had prescribed many other patients LSD without even telling them what he was giving them. The end result their mental illnesses were no better and now they were drug addicts.

The Waverly Hill Sanatorium is credited with 64,000 deaths of patients throughout all the years it was open. People who were admitted there had expirements performed on them and the hospital had horrible conditions.





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  1.   Sauer, Makenna  Says:

    This is very cool that you found these stories! This means you went far into your research! Nice job! 😀

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