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February 20, 2014

The Forgotten Children

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151 children were brought to Worcester County Asylum during the years of  1854 and 1900. They were all under the age of 17. The conditions were in this hospital and other children’s hospitals were awful.  The children were treated the exact same way as adult psychiatric patients. This contributed to the children patients being unstable, wild, undisciplined and lacking social skills. The children rarely got to see their families, if they got to see them at all. The suicide and death rate was high.

Heilanstalt Schönbrunn, Kinder


This children’s mental asylum was definitely somewhere you did not want to be.  In previous posts I talked about the treatments and conditions of mental hospitals, just thinking that children had to endure those treatments is just terrifying. Imagine a seven-year-old being chained down whipped, starved, and drugged just for having autism or another learning disability  is truly saddening.





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    You may find some information if you look up the term, “least restrictive environment.”

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