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February 19, 2014

Why did they put women and kids in mental sanatoriums

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In the early 1800’s wives and daughters often became institutionalized because the did not obey their husbands or fathers,(1) one example of this is when a women named Mrs.Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard was abducted on her husband’s orders and taken to the insane asylum in Jacksonville, Illinois,”  (2) just because her husband did not want to deal with her. Some kids were put in to the sanatorium for many reasons but some are unwanted pregnancies,disobedience or illness such as Down’s Syndrome or Autism. Some other reasons are that they had depression, alcoholism, and when they are just a little bit different from the others or as what they called normal, also when they were going through menopause. (1) (chloe’s point of view) I think that the men should of gotten over the fact that there women were either different or just getting older, i mean if you cant take care of them then find them a different home not put them in a metal hospital.


Reasons Persons were admitted to mental asylums
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